Thursday, October 30, 2008

I know why the caged bird sings

I was scanning through some old deco mags of mine- in my April section of my shelf and found this Domino issue featuring this lovely, dreamy bed by Kenneth Cobonpue. It was in a house tour of designer/decorator Fawn Galli. This design is spectacular. I would hang little ornaments or my dream catcher in it- maybe weave some ribbon in there- I don't know. It's so exotic it could be in a tree house or a villa in Africa. I don't think it would fit too well in my wee room but I'd make it work. Oh, one can only dream... 

Monday, October 20, 2008

Graphic Material

These are some pretty amazing prints. I love graphic flower prints- especially two-tone. These babies are satin on satin and are perfect additions to dark or light rooms. Plus- it makes it easy if you just want a solid color duvet. You can find these fabulous throw pillows here!


It thought these were clutches when I first saw them. It makes me think of foxy cleopatra or something of that nature. I know so many of my friends who would love these hanging around their rooms. Bling for you bed? Why not?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Metallic Cowgirl...or boy

It you're not all about a classic cowhide but you still want a ranchy theme to you room, than these are for you. They're made by Vivre- who I just found out about. This is a really great statement piece. You pair these with a chocolate brown duvet and a gold night stand and you're golden- you got a great rugged mod look happening!

Find these here

Saipua Bouquets = love in a room

Now here is a true montage of happiness. Like I 
mentioned a few posts ago, flowers bring life to a room- sometimes even more than people do!

Flowers warm the room up, clear the air and add lovely bursts of color that would ordinarily be too much if it came in the form of a couch or something.

I love these because they are so organic but very much fashionable. These are the ones you see in boutique hotels...

Floral designer, Siapua, who I found on Oh Joy! blog is one talented artist.

Modmom Design

Well here you go. Yet another amazing Etsy. I forgot that there are some pretty great designs for kids furniture- this being a prime example. 

This designer has a bunch of other modern pieces from orange bird boxes to solid more adult looking storage boxes. You can choose from birch, walnut, or maple. These would be fabulous for storage, for children or not! This reminds me of something I may see at IKEA. It's very SCP: simple, cute, and practical.

Find this here

Friday, October 17, 2008

**Etsy Spotlight #2**

THIS, my dear readers, is a statement piece..well, a statement bed. Simultaneously whimsical and modern. Way to go Delia Furniture! This would be beautiful if you have earthy tones or pastels in your boudoir. I'm envisioning light blues and greens or a yummy chocolate or evergreen. The headboard is also great for your bedroom feng shui- allowing plenty of energy to circulate while you're dreamin.' 

Thursday, October 16, 2008

***Etsy Spotlight**

These beautiful headboard decals made by Dali Decals on Etsy are so intricate and perfect for those of us who don't want a heavy headboard blocking their chi flow. 

Want this? Click here

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Rest your pretty head on this....

Isn't this pillow so charming? I love the simplicity of it. It would look so sweet atop a fluffy pastel duvet done up hotel style....orchids on the bedside table...the lovely voice of Coralie Clement playing in the background....mmm....J'adore.

help your room breath!!

find this here
find this here
find this here     

I think a lot of people forget how much life flowers bring to a room. Especially tiny ones. They just make a room breath a little deeper- not to mention make the room prettier. I found these cute little guys that would be perfect for a bedroom without being too throw out those standard sienna planters and check these out!

spikes and sea erchants....b.e.a.utiful

      find this here
find this here
find this here

It's amazing how many talented artist are out there. I was just cruising Etsy- one of my favorite spots to find ideas- and discovered a little spike trend. These little creations would be a perfect statement piece in the bedroom- especially if you're going for a white theme....

Volcanyou believe how good this smells!

***mini blog breaking news***

So...this is the best smelling candle that ever candled. It's a Capri Blue Volcano candle. I bought one for every room in you can buy it here, or at any Anthropologie store. 

The Great Outdoors- in doors

Ever since I found out about LivingStone from a friend of mine- which I have promised in advance to my future children- I've been so giddy over the concept. I would have loved this if I was a kid. Throw these babies in a huge loft and it's a city kid's nature paradise...or I could just throw them in my room... But anyways- check these out!

love these? click here

love these? click here
love these? click here

Friday, October 10, 2008

Shaggy Chic

If you would have asked me five years ago if I like the look of shag rugs I would've laughed and threw my Birkenstock clog at you but now I can't get enough! Seriously- they're addicting! Like when you get really good results with plastic surgery or you finally get the swank leather jacket you've been pining over- you get addicted because it's so wonderful. That said, check out these inspos...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Feng Shui'ing up your Bedroom (no matter how small)

I'm sort of a serial leaser, having had moved three times in the past year 1/2. I just love decorating different spaces. I do it more for the challenge I think. In each studio I have, I try to incorporated Feng Shui. Studio Feng Shui is a little tricky, but here are some tips...

1. Place your bed as far away from the door (beds in front of doors block opportunity)

2. If you have any mirrors, place them so you can't see yourself from your bed (in the morning you tend not to look the best and this could damage self-esteem and performance) 

3.  If you have a bf/gf/husband/wife, make sure you are both equidistant from the sides of the bed. If one person is jammed in a corner it creates an unbalanced relationship.

4. Stray from bright lighting and go more for mood. Since the bedroom is more yin than yang, harsh lighting will shock your emotions.

5. If you're single, don't put any posters/paintings up on the wall that have one character. This will not be encouraging for your love life.

6. Keep a splash of pink or red somewhere in the room to get those romance vibes goin' (I keep a red wool throw at the foot of my bed.

7. If you don't want your room to be white (which is actually good because it's a clean, peaceful color) than go for pastels which are soothing to the mind and soul.

8. Try not to store anything under your bed. You want a clean chi flowing through your room and cluttered under bed storage will disrupt this.

 9.  If you have a headboard, make sure it's sturdy and not shaky (at least not all the time- wink wink). Your chi moves through your feet, hands, and the top of your head and if your headboard is unstable, so is your conscience. 

10. Lastly, keep your room clean. This is sort of an obvious one but you'll be amazed how happy you'll wake up in the morning if you can actually see your floor.

Hope this helps some of you!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Bird Feathers

I've been totally obsessed with peacock feathers lately. Not just the feather- the whole composition, the colors, everything. Recently I spotted some peacock feather printed pillows and I've been dreaming about them ever since. I love the idea. Pairing the prints with a white duvet and then having a splash of dark teal or bright yellow makes for a modern, yet tasteful design...

Sleeping with King Louis XV

Ah, the royal treatment. I never grow tired of this style. Paint it white, paint it black, reupholster red, yellow, green, pink- you can do no wrong. It's just such a stunning design. These variations are great examples of what you could do should you ever get your hands on a King Louis...

*All pics found on the LivingEtc website

Fluff Piece

It's so often that people just walk right past one of the best sections of a store: the bedding department. One's boudoir is of great importance. According to Feng Shui, it is where your soul escapes your body, where the ego is released and your true hopes and aspirations create those wonderful little dreams that everyone is always talking about.

I don't know about all of you, but the quality and style of my bed is a huge factor in the health of my slumber. Dirty, ugly bedding is no good for anyone. 2,000 thread count Egyptian cotton> Yes please! The prettiest bedding makes for the prettiest sleep as I always say.

So from here on out, I'll be posting pictures, bedding info and links to all things bedding which I hope will inspiring your own design decor for your sleeping room....