Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Under the Canopy

I've always wanted a canopy bed but have never had the ceiling height for it. I remember watching the really hold copy of The Christmas Story and watching Scrooge pull thick dark curtains around all four sides of his bed to block out the ghosts. I like that closed in feeling sometimes (this coming from the girl who made homes in left-over refrigerator boxes). Any who- these are some pretty great designs for canopy beds....

Sunday, November 23, 2008


I've always seen this trend in really high-end mags but I've been working on a project where the client insists on bringing the same idea into her Toronto dream home. I showed her these pics and she liked the vibe so I'm sharin' the design love...

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Dark Room

As sweet and lovely as bedrooms can be, they can also (obviously) be very sexy and seductive. What are beds/ bedrooms usually associated with? Ehhh...don't answer that. Plus, painting a room a dark color can be tricky since there's really no going back but if you work with it properly, it'll turn out awesome. Anyways- these are some tastefully sexy boudoirs...

Design Attic

I've always wanted a bedroom in the attic. So cozy and secretive- very "princess in  a castle." love these design ideas- especially this first one. It's hard to find creative inspiration for rooms like these but attics have a lot of potential and deserve to be decorated well.

City of Lights

White is so dreamy. Awesome for the feng-shui friendly- and everyone else for that matter. It's calming and peaceful and when you wake up in the morning it's like a warm snow day. Not so great for a Jolie/Pitt family of six but for those of you living a semi-clean lifestyle it's a great choice for bedroom decor. Try the white theme- it really polishes up the room. And helps you sleep. Just don't spill stuff.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Fine Print: Luxury Lab Bedding

When you walk into a bedroom, your eyes usually go to the bed, ya? Well this is some fantastic eye candy (for those of you who get giddy over bed clothes like me). The company is called Bunny Maxwell. They sell everything from designer screen print bedding to designer wallpaper. It's great. Check it.

    click here if you love this

     click here if you love this

click here if you love this
    Click here if you love this

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Modern Cozy

I just discovered Usona, a brilliant home furnishings company in Philly. I will definitely be featuring their designs again. Their beds seriously make me scrunch up my shoulders, smile and sigh. Especially the You and Me Leather bed (above). Who doesn't want to cuddle up in that? Seriously. Usona- you have my vote.

And you think your orthopedic mattress is cool....

Let's just take a minute and look at these..............1............2............3.........yeah. Crazy stuff. I would sleep all day if I had these...except for the snow angel one...I can't look that excited for more than twenty minutes.

***Etsy Spotlight: CouchDesign

Another graphic design pillow connoisseur! These little numbers are made of luxurious dupioni silk and hand-screen printed designs. Check this designer out!

like these? Click here for the bottom pillow and here for the top!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Light of my Life

Man- I am on a role tonight! In my new place, lighting is completely dependent on the sun. These bedrooms, however, have their own style going. Light is so important (for those of you who follow Feng Shui you know why). Natural light feeds your spirit more than any other kind of natural energy. Though these pictures don't have natural lighting, they do a pretty nice job improvising. The first and last are my favorites. What do you think? 

Color Blocks

Ahhh how lovely color is. I spent so much time as a child around stark, insomnia-inducing white walls and boring brown and beige. These bedrooms here are so incredibly alive with color- so much personality- I love it. If these rooms were people you'd definitely want to be their friend. 

The Big Sleep

If there's one thing I have always loved- it's a gigantic, fluffy bed. The beds in these rooms are the centerpiece- which a lot of people try to avoid. Why? It's a bedroom! Your bed should be your sanctuary where you can sleep, dream, stretch your limbs to the edges and sink into that abyss of fluffy covers and pillows. 

Think Pink

It wasn't until this past year that I started to appreciate the color pink. I always snubbed it cause I'm blonde and blue-eyed and once you add pink to that mix you automatically cross over to the ditzy dark side- at least that's what I've gathered. Not my style. Annnyywayyy- lately I've been obsessed with dark, blue-based hot pinks/magentas- Margarete Russell style. These rooms are gorgeously pink without being sickeningly girly. Now that's some talent.