Monday, November 3, 2008

The New English Rose

So I was reading one of my favorite books of all time, Bergdorf Blondes by the lovely Plum Sykes on the train this morning and I was reading the chapter when Julie and presumably Plum, were in the English Countryside and I pictured the loveliest English home- more importantly, a lovely bedroom.

Decor in England has a very unique look about it. There's a fine line between floral and too much floral and in most of the cases I've seen, England knows those boundaries. It's conservative, romantic, floral and if done correctly-quite fashionable. 

This picture here shows a fantastically bold twist to the typical English-style bedroom. It's not too over the top, but still modern with the darker tones of pink and red. I especially love the pink end chair but I'm always a sucker for bold baroque pieces...

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