Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bedroom Decorating for Signs of the Zodiac

Colors: bold reds and ambers (in moderation)
Your style is energetic and youthful. Your room should reflect vitality and life because you are so courageous and energetic. Don't be afraid of color and incorporate tasteful lighting. You need to feel warm, but it's best to choose one wall or your bed covers to be red- not the whole room. 
Colors: earth tones, modest neutrals, rich roses and pinks
You are the sign of luxury and indulgence. Make your room your dessert. Be wary of too much opulence and stick with the silk sheets and mounds of pillows. Take care of your bedroom. It will make you a happier person. 

Colors: light, airy yellows, greens and blues
Your style can vary since you are the sign of the twin. For some of you, beauty and trends are important and for others, you couldn't care less. Stick with clean and modern with a fresh bouquet on the night stand. 

Colors: whites, pearls, yellows, light purpley blues
Cancer is an emotional water sign. Bring some fresh air into your bedroom with plenty of flours and light colors. Scented candles will help you relax. Be sure to install some beautiful curtains to block out that sun in the morning as many of you like to sleep in late. 

Colors: Oranges, yellows, reds, deep purples
You are bold and opinionated and your style is the same. Paint a wall a bold color or mimic the palate of a day at the beach to really keep things sunny. Use plenty of expression via decor. Drape a canopy over your bed and make things sexy as most of you have a very healthy libido.

Colors: light blues, greens and creames, taupes and whites
Virgos dig the clean look. It's all about the details here. Though a rare few may be the more sexual Virgo, favoring bold, dark purples and reds, the majority like the simple, organized boudoir. Organic materials will suit you well as well as light woods like oak. Add splashed of color with flowers or a tinted glass vase 

Colors: pastels, airy greens, pinks and blues
You love beauty and everything that comes with it. Being a hopeless romantic, you should go for a feminine look (unless your spouse says otherwise). You would appreciate Feng Shui and the balance it brings to a room (being a sign of the scales). Symmetry and fashion together will make you a very happy sleeper.

Colors: Spicy oranges, reds, burgundies and blacks
You can certainly have a dark side, dear Scorpio. You would do well in a bedroom that has a "cave" like feel- some sort of dark grotto. You would love luscious velvets for bedding and dim, seductive lighting. You can be secretive and so can your style.

Colors: any shade of the rainbow, blues and light purples
Your are the life of the party or the goody two shoes. Your are a sign of adventure and variety. Use bedroom accents that reflect your love of travel like Buddha statues or Moroccan lanterns. You should also invest in some big fluffy pillows and a cushiony mattress to provide all that comfort you love. As a collector, make sure to use plenty of storage.

Colors: blues, silvers, whites
You know exactly who you are and you were probably the one with posters all over your walls when you were younger. Your bedroom should have plenty of conversation, like you. Your bedroom needs to be different and unique to reflect your independent persona. Go with one or two statement pieces- perhaps something mod and silver like a lamp, large painting or sculpture. You may also be a fan of the latest technology so if you do want a TV, get a plasma to keep the room minimalistic.

Colors: deep earth tones, slate greys, browns, forest greens
You exude a very strong presence even if you aren't saying a thing. You're responsible and sensible and would do best with more "grown up" decor. You like solid, strong pieces with small, funky accents. For you ladies out there, maybe try a glass display case or a leopard skin rug to surprise the room.

Colors: watery greens and blues, yellows moving towards whites
You're an emotional chameleon who needs a sanctuary. Your bed is by far the most important piece in your bedroom. Make it soft and cozy with soft cottons and cashmeres. Also, add that splash of creativity to your room with dreamy, ethereal paintings. Stick with a zen palate to help you sleep. 


Colin S. said...

You are going to design my room with a zen-Gemini-Euro style.:)

Marie said...

Good thing Ben lets me do whatever I want in the house :) Helps that we're both Libra and have the same ideas.